In 2013 I started a leather bag line with $600 affectionately called, Diane Serra Handmade. I taught myself everything from how to build and run an e-commerce site, to how to source leather, sew bags and market them. Thus starting my path as a designer. From there I branched out in Interior Design until an opportunity to move abroad forced me to consider the types of design that were more mobile friendly.

I’ve since grown into Web Development (Barcelona Code School), UX Design & UX Research (Interactive Design Foundation) and content writing. My passion is content writing (hands down) as I have been blogging since 2009 and have many iterations of this blog while I tried find my way as a designer and writer. Since then my work has been featured in West Elm, Design 4 Corners, Openhouse Magazine & Mumabroad Spain to name a few.

I am currently working as a Project Manager+ Content Strategist for Future Holidays and blog often sharing my musings of navigating life as a designer & mother.