A Overview of my skills

My portfolio is varied as I am a multidisciplinary creative professional. This tends to be confusing for hiring managers looking to place me in “one specific” role but rest assured I thrive in positions that are varied and where I am offering support and organization. My work is grounded in a strong background in E-commerce, understanding the user-journey and knowledge of how a cohesive story in digital assets and content can improve how a customer will engage with a brand.

Here is a summary of projects of note. At the bottom, I share my thoughts on content and content strategy.


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UX Design & Content Writing

Client- www.getreviewbuzz.com/guide

ReviewBuzz is a SAAS company providing home-services businesses the tools to improve team productivity by way of reviews. I am currently working on the UX Design for version 2 of their mobile employee app and have written all the help desk (Intercom) and Guide (Wordpress) articles for version 2 of their website relaunch initiative.

In a nutshell, I “own” the whole customer on-boarding process from bringing in users from the previous version of ReviewBuzz, to new users, to all the service tech employees that will be using the app on the field.

They hired me to improve the way they were communicating the value of their product to past, current and new customers.


Client- Design4Corners.com

I did not design this website but am currently doing a site-migration from CloudCannon to Shopify which means building a custom Shopify theme to match the current design. The shop is currently built on Shopify while the rest of the site is built on CloudCannon with a Jekyll template. Their goal is to direct their e-commerce efforts towards wholesale clients rather than direct-to-consumer.

Once the site migration has been completed, I will writing 2 blog posts per month for their company blog. They manage the rest of their content and social media.


Content writing & social media management

Client- www.wherecani.live

Wherecani.live is a startup based in the UK that gives users a list of all the countries they can legally live and work in after answering a few questions on the landing page.

I managed the social media strategy which included growing the Instagram account, blog and newsletters. The newsletter content targeted two different demographics of readers.

The biggest impact I had on this company was by leading an initiative called Expat Stories in which I scouted expats via Instagram and social media who were living the dream of relocating to a foreign country and making it work. I was responsible for providing 4 new stories per month and to this day the Expat Stories initiative is the highest engagement content that brings people to their website.

Here is a testimonial-

“Diane helped us with our social media strategy and content management.  She came up with some great ideas to grow our presence on Instagram and for content on our blog.  Diane has excellent communication skills and is great to work with.  Highly recommended!”

-Alison @wherecani.live 

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web management & content writing

Client- Ross Rayburn Yoga

Ross Rayburn is an international yoga teacher teaching workshops worldwide and now teaching for Peloton. A yoga teacher’s dream! He came to me an already built Wordpress site and a desire to launch a YouTube channel and utilize his social media more effectively.

After a short while working for Ross I discovered that his following was incredibly hungry for any content he (we) put out there. They engaged right away. We launched a YouTube channel and I started managing his newsletter as a ghost writer after I presented to him that he had a substantial amount of subscribers that he wasn’t even utilizing.

I started the initiative of Ross using his newsletter as an extension of his classes in that he told stories of his path as a yoga teacher and asked thought provoking questions to his newsletter readers that had them responding right away.

Here is a testimonial-

“Working with Diane was a complete and utter pleasure.  I loved our brainstorming sessions particularly. She always brought vision and enthusiasm and knew instinctively how to shepherd my intentions into exciting manifestations.  Combined with her efficiency and productivity, she’s truly an ideal partner.”

-Ross Rayburn @Peloton @RossRayburnYoga

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design & content writing

Client- AriaZen

AriaZen is a wellness company based in Barcelona, Spain. I designed the website in English & Spanish. Managed DNS settings given to me in German (another story for another day), and wrote all the content on AriaZen’s blog as an interpreter and writer. English is the 4th language for this client so there was a lot of time deciphering meaning behind her blog themes in order to craft it into an engaging blog post in English.

The link will take you to the version of the website I designed for her before she fiddled it with on her own once she was off-boarded. After off-boarding the client has since changed her business model to coaching so the version of the site shown here is no longer live. Here are some examples though:

Landing page.png

UX DESIGN & UX Writing

Client- Xrossworld Influencer Marketing

Xrossworld is a Los Angeles based startup offering On-Demand Influencer Marketing. I was brought on to redesign version 2 of their web and mobile experience and web copy.

They (The CEO & CTO) basically gave me 3 colors they wanted to use and templates of wireframes they had already agreed upon and said, “Here- make something with this". They have yet to implement the new designs.

Other sites I’ve designed:

San Diego Charters- San Diego, CA

Alacarte Ventures- Barcelona Spain

Friends in Puglia- Puglia, Italy

Casal Catala San Diego- San Diego, CA

My thoughts on content & content strategy…

I love content- LOVE CONTENT. I feel like I’ve designed websites for clients just so I could slap some content on it and match it with social media and blogging. That said, I spend a lot of time observing how brands use content to engage (or not) with their following. I can tell when someone has found their unique voice and I truly enjoy seeing how their following (and myself) continually want to stay connected with that person or brand.

Lately I’ve really been advocating for LinkedIN as an underutilized platform for engagement. I find people/brands to be in one of 4 categories:

  1. Unprepared- they have incomplete profiles or dead profiles with no action

  2. Unaware- they just don’t know how to start putting content out there on this platform even though their profile may be complete and have gathered a robust following.

  3. Random- they just post random stuff that makes sense to them but the average person has no idea what they’re talking about

  4. Spammer- As a new place to spam or “cold call” people.

So who is doing LinkedIN well?

Beth Susanne- Pitch Coach, Barcelona Spain. I happen to know Beth as a colleague from one of my networking groups in Barcelona. She is interesting because she is dealing with not only being a women in the tech space but also ageism so has always struggled with social media.

She couldn’t tell her story through digital marketing to grow her following because that could expose exactly how old she is and in Europe, ageism is a very real issue (she had explained some personal stories about it with me). She had no idea how to present herself through social media and avoided it for years.

Until recently she has been investing in a new content strategy that is helping her blow up her LinkedIN and it is working. She is an American working in the European tech space so her posts and videos speak to common cultural behaviors that Europeans have that Americans don’t have that may hinder their success at getting an investor. It’s brilliant because it brings in her knowledge of people, body language, body issues, etc etc. All things people can relate to vs. the usual “coachy” content that is out there.

Ellevest- Because, Ellevest! They speak directly to me. They are brave and bold with their words. They speak to every women at every phase of their money management and make headlines that stop you in your tracks. Like today’s post:


They use the same fonts and color palette to match their branding. What I like the most is that they don’t post fluffy nonsense that we read over and over again on social media. Their messaging makes me change who I am. For example, I am not an activist but daily engagement with this brand is really starting to shift that. They teach their readers about what’s ok, what’s not ok, what needs to change and what we can actually do it about it- with our dollars.

The Coast Creative- You guys! Of course I would put this here. :) But seriously the reason I am a passionate follower of your blog, Instagram and LinkedIn is because I am learning so much from you that keeps me going as a creative professional. (And your imagery is nice, natural and doesn’t look staged and awkward). Additionally, I have been enjoying sharing your posts with my entrepreneurial networks in Spain who CRAVE American content knowledge. So if you’re seeing an uptick in viewers from Spain, that may be why.