Where to now?

This is not my house.

This is not my house.

I had a really great conversation with a recruiter yesterday. These days I am speaking to at least 2-3 recruiters a week and some are REALLY GOOD at what they do. The conversation with said recruiter flowed effortlessly.

He had great questions and I had my answers ready.

If there’s one thing to know about me it’s that I am very clear about where I want to go and honest about where I am in relation to that goal. As each year passes I’ve come to really appreciate the value of clarity and how it can really transform how you spend each day. In terms of my developer job-hunt, it helps me save time in choosing the right companies to apply for and getting creative on my approach when reaching out to them.

So what are these goals? Well, I want to land a developer role in either fintech or biotech or at an agency that focuses on e-commerce. A full-time and permanent role.

I see myself as part of a team of developers and designers with a company culture that believes in “growth from within”. Although I’ve been enjoying the flexibility of freelance work in terms of being to work anywhere, in my new phase as a developer I would not be upset in coming in to work each day either to an office or co-working space. I really enjoy working with a team and among co-workers. I feel I will be become a better developer this way being shown new ways of thinking in code, new languages, etc.

So that’s what I have so far that I’m willing to express on this blog. The other more specific goals I will keep quiet and close to heart until they actually manifest. And when they do manifest, I will be sure to share all about it here.

Also, this morning I came across this great article about being a developer intern at Credit Karma, a great read: https://engineering.creditkarma.com/making-an-impact-as-an-intern-building-web-push-notifications/

Have a great day everyone!

Diane Serra