Post Bootcamp Decompress

I am about a month post full-stack bootcamp. I’ve had my time to decompress from all the coding by getting lost in my favorite creative inspiring magazines (see above- Openhouse Magazine) and now am creating a daily plan of action.

Here it is in a nutshell-

1. Make a few different resumes depending on how a certain job opening is written (more on that below)

2. Code more projects (in React) for my developer portfolio.

After doing an incredible amount of research in terms of how developer jobs are posted, I came to discover the many different words and job titles that a company may post an open position for that would require a developer. This is why I felt that making a few different versions of my resume according to the difference of job title is important. Of course I do craft a personal cover letter for each position I apply for but still, I also want the resume to feel somewhat personalized toward that position and not just a general resume submission.

So these days it’s all about the next phase in my developer journey- finding that elusive permanent developer position and keep up the coding. At least the foundation has been set by completing the bootcamp and now I can hit the ground running as they say.

Diane Serrajob hunt, developer