A Week in Review

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It’s Friday and reaaaallly warm outside today. I am tempted to close up this laptop and hit up the beach until I pick up Estel from pre-school but my focus on my daily list is requiring my commitment this morning.

If you’ve been following me on Instagram you’ll see that I’ve been to a couple of networking events this week. To be honest, the word “networking” is not my favorite but the actual events are really enjoyable. On Wednesday I attend the Women Who Code San Diego’s workshop on R for Programming. I arrived knowing nothing about R but learned enough to decide to eventually add it to my stack of programs eventually.

I wasn’t feeling entirely social at this event but I really wanted to be there so I went. I realized that it’s NOT a must to be super outgoing and chatty at these events. I used to think that was a requirement for successful networking which is why I shunned it for so long. But over time I’ve grown to honor my introverted side and just “be introverted” when I am vs. forcing myself to be extroverted (which always ends up awkward).

The mistake I made at the Women Who Code event was not introducing myself to a few recruiters that were present but I did get their emails and followed up the next morning by submitting my resume and coverletter (which they have quickly responded to). Next time I’ll be sure to at least say hello.

Thursday night was a totally different experience which is why I am such an advocate for networking. So on Thursday night I attended the Women in Green event at The Rose. This group is based on women in the sustainable building industry which gave a totally different angle to the conversations that were had. It was really great to meet women at that event and learn why they had attended and how I can help out on any tech needs. The photo above is from that event. I was feeling more extroverted and chatty at this event thanks to most of the presenters being my dear dear friends. It helped ease the nervous jitters that I often experience at networking events.

So to summarize my week, I went to 2 networking events, spoke to 4 recruiters, had 1 face-to-face interview, 1 phone interview, submitted my resume to at least 5 different leads and have had about 3 rejection email letters. All in all, this was a week well-utilized on the path of landing a developer role.

More to come! Have a great weekend!

Diane Serra